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North Portland — I recently had one of those big birthdays that gets you thinking about your legacy. In my case, as long as I don’t screw up my kids too bad, I will at least have them to count toward my legacy, which is pretty ok with me.

In this newsletter, I call your attention to Norm Daniels and his obituary in The Oregonian. Check it out below. For countless Oregonians and NOPO residents, he had a measurable positive impact in his life and through his role as CEO of G.I. Joe’s.

Next week, I hope to write about Dr. Peter Davis who reportedly died last week. He owned and operated the St. Johns Veterinary Clinic since the 1970s. Here is one comment left on the Nextdoor app, “Dr. Davis was a wonderfully kind man who “truly” cared for all of our furry children over the past 30 years.” There are hundreds of comments on Nextdoor and Facebook about Dr. Davis.

Then there was a young man, reportedly named Harley, who died last week camping in a tent at the St Johns Plaza. There were a few postings about him on the St. Johns Facebook page and a memorial set up in the square. How will he be remembered?

We’ll report in the future about the challenge of the houseless and all the issues surrounding the topic. But today, let’s think about Harley.

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