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Episode 4 of the NOPO This Week podcast. In this episode we cover stories about Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Zombie Homes, and Increased Gun Violence

This Week’s Podcast Stories:

This episode includes stories that touch on some of the top issues in the city and in North Portland: houseless-ness, camps, COVID-19, trash, and crime among other topics.

But it is not all dreary news. We should all get to know Terrance Moses and his volunteers at Neighbors Helping Neighbors. He is an inspiration. And the Portsmouth Neighborhood Association is a shining example of how to get organized to tackle a problem. 


Neighbors Helping Neighbors serves as a bridge to the housed and houseless, collecting trash among other services. How much trash they take to the dump each week? Read or listen to the story.

Do you live near a zombie home?  And will there be a zombie home apocalypse when covid-19 mortgage protections expire? Read or listen to the story.

Gun violence in Portland almost doubled in the month of January compared with the same time last year. Is there a gang war happening in the city? Read or listen to the story.