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EDITOR’S NOTE: I will be officially launching the podcast in late November. Stay tuned for the episode. As you explore the site, please understand that it is all a work in progress and that it is all being done by one person. A lot of the site is up and running as a soft launch so that I can identify issues that need to be fixed or tweaked. Thanks!

Which North Portland neighborhood is the hottest for real estate? 

Where in NOPO can you get the best pizza? 

Why is a homeless camp planned next to your kids elementary school? 

Who are your NOPO student academic and athletic all stars? And who are the interesting people and businesses we should be getting to know?

Welcome to NOPO This Week.

We are a news site and podcast serving North Portland neighborhoods and businesses.

We help you know what is going on in your North Portland neighborhood, whether that is in Kenton, St. John’s, Overlook or somewhere in between.

I am Nathan Isaacs, your host. I’m a husband and dad to two awesome kids, a Cathedral Park homeowner, a freelance content marketer, a bike rider, beer maker, and former award-winning newspaper reporter.

I care about our community, and I care about your stories. 

Without an active local press, there is less engagement. Without an active local press, decisions about our indoor and outdoor pools and parks, our streets, building projects and more are being decided by people who may not live, work, frequent or even care about North Portland. 

But I am a one-person team and I need your help and your support in three ways. 

Start by subscribing to the NOPO This Week podcast and newsletter and get notified of new episodes and other news that is important to you.

Then share this and other episodes with your friends and colleagues who also care about North Portland issues. Share these links on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Anywhere you think someone from #NOPO will see it. 

Finally, let me know if there is a North Portland issue or story — good or bad — you think we should report on. You can drop us a line.

Thanks. I’ll talk with you soon.