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Photo of volunteers and the litter they picked up around St. Johns on Saturday, Nov. 14
Volunteers and the litter they picked up around St. Johns on Saturday, Nov. 14 | Credit: Detrash Portland

ST. JOHNS  — Volunteers picked up more than 517 pounds of trash and litter during a clean up around St. Johns on Saturday, Nov. 14. 

Detrash Portland and the St. Johns Clutter Busters joined forces for the event with 53 volunteers participating, according to Peter Brewer, organizer for Detrash. They picked up 71 bags of trash. 

“We need people who want to help brighten the neighborhood by picking up litter from Portland’s sidewalks, streets, and gutters,” Detrash Portland organizers wrote on their Meetup event page.

Volunteers were provided trash grabbers, high-vis vests, gloves, and trash bags. Their bounty included the usual suspects: cigarette ends, coffee lids, food packaging, COVID masks and more.

According to the St. Johns Clutter Busters, the benefits for cleaning up include: 

  • Help St. Johns be beautiful and clean 
  • Keeps plastics out of our waterways 
  • Shows respect for our neighbors and neighborhood
  • Gives you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment 
  • Fun outdoor activity 
  • Sets a good example for the young ones
  • Litter begets litter, so picking up now discourages future littering
  • Meet your neighbors—it’s a great way to strike up a conversation with folks in the community
  • Busting makes you feel good!

It is estimated that the average American produces about five pounds of trash each day, which plays a part in the more than $11 billion spent annually on litter clean up in the US.

Interested in helping out at a future event? You’re in luck. While clean ups have been postponed during the current Covid Freeze Order, you can sign up to be notified of future events, as well as learn more or donate to the groups by visiting their websites: and