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The University of Portland is testing and tracking COVID-19 cases on campus.
Photo from 2020 neighborhood trash pickup in St. Johns | Credit: SOLVE/St. Johns Clutter Busters

University Park — You may know that the University of Portland welcomed more than 800 students to campus for the Spring semester. 

They will be participating in ongoing COVID-19 testing. Following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Oregon Health Authority, the University of Portland will track and post relevant data pertaining to the presence of COVID-19 on its campus.

You can track that via the University’s Pilots Prevent Dashboard

As of Feb. 2, the school had administered more than 3,258 tests and found 20 positive cases for a semester positivity rate of 0.6%. Currently, 14 people are on on-campus quarantine and 3 are in on-campus isolation.