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Screenshot of the website that Elliot Frantz created to find a date during COVID.
Elliot Frantz created his website to find a prospective partner. | Credit: Screenshot of

St. Johns — Elliot Frantz is still looking for love and he is having fun along the way. 

“My name is Elliot, and I live in St. Johns,” Frantz said in a Zoom interview. “I’m an odd ball, an eccentric, a bit of a jack of all trades. I like visual arts projects. I enjoy exploring the world, going on high adventure type trips. And, I’m looking for someone to date right now.”

The 29-year old St. Johns resident became a bit of a celebrity last fall when The Oregonian featured him in a story about how he created a website,, to help in the process of finding a soul mate. That story led to a subthread on Reddit, as well as coverage by NBC affiliates across the country. The website went from 100 visitors a day to more than 1,000 daily, Frantz said.

“It’s something I’ve considered in the past, but never jumped for. I think the pandemic is what finally gave me that push over the edge of actually going for it,” he said.

Picture of Elliot Frantz walking in park. He created website to find a date.
Elliot Frantz walking in a park. | Credit: website

“So, I saw that the URL was available of course, because how many Elliot’s are going to be buying the website,” he said, laughing. “So, I immediately bought it. And, using my company software, I built a website there. So, there’s like a video introduction about me, plus a references section, which is filled with quotes from my friends, all about me and who I am. 

“That was, I think, the most key element of the website, that references section, because one, I have a hard time talking about myself. That’s jusStt me. I’ve only recently begun to start working on all of my self-esteem issues. So, having the opportunity to reach out to my friends, and having them put in the quotes about myself was really helpful in that regard. And second, when it actually came time to put flyers up around town with my face and my website on it, when I got that box of flyers, my initial thought was, “Oh, I can’t do this.” “There’s no way I’m doing this.” I’m an expert extroverted guy, and I’m an outgoing guy, but even for me, this is a bit much. And then, I thought back to all of the friends that have given me quotes, and the fact that they’re waiting for updates on this website and I realized it’s too late.”

Elliot is gainfully employed, has his own place, was previously engaged, and moved to Portland a couple years back. If you watch his video or do a Google search, you’ll see he loves adventures, baking bread, creating art, and enjoying the company of friends.

Picture of Elliot Frantz posting fliers about his website,
Picture of Elliot Frantz next to a flier for | Credit: website

After creating the website, he placed fliers with a QR code around on telephone poles. Like a good marketer, he placed them near places where he thought someone he’d like would also visit, so parks and trailheads were primary areas. 

“Part of this, right, is like the inability to meet people naturally by happenstance. I didn’t realize until I started this project, and this is the realization later, is just how often I would meet strangers in my regular life before this last year, how much of a factor that was in my regular life. And, by putting these flyers out in these locations that I would normally be hanging out and talking to people, I’m kind of recreating that possibility of meeting people who I would have normally met in that situation.” 

What is he looking for in a prospective partner? 

“I’m looking for an adventure partner. And honestly, having another head in an adventure, to think about the situations we’re in, is really important. So yeah, perfect I wouldn’t say exists. I think the ideal would be someone who’s willing to work together in the relationship. Discussions are important. Honesty is important. A sense of adventure is important. Yeah, I think that work together aspect is the most key aspect of all of it.”

Nathan, “What’s been the results so far with the website?”

Elliot, “I’ve been on three dozen dates with three dozen people, some good, some bad, most of them somewhere in the middle of like, “Oh, it was a good conversation,” but I don’t know that we’re going anywhere with this. And then, another 30 or 40 people just reached out, because they were interested in chatting or becoming friends. And so, whether or not I ended up dating someone specifically because of this website, I’ve made several new friends that I’m talking to you every day now, at this point. I would call this website a success at this point.”

What have been his dating results?

Nathan, “Have there been second dates? Are you currently dating anybody?

Elliot, “Right now I’m not dating anybody. Things were going really well with someone, but she ended up calling it for personal reasons. So, we had been on four dates at that point. So, things seemed like they were going well, but then it turned a different direction. So, I’m still on the lookout, so if anyone is interested, I’m certainly available. But in the meantime, I’m meeting new people.” 

Interested in Dating Elliot?

And preferably, Elliot is hoping to find someone local. If listeners are interested in becoming friends or possible dating Elliot, they should “Go to, date and then And, there’s a contact area. You can either just copy the email that’s at the bottom, if you’re just reaching out as a friend. Or fill out the little form, if you’re interested in dating me. I usually get back to people within one day, that’s my goal. Especially now that things have dipped down a little bit, I’ve got a quicker response time than I did during November. 

That first date will be a Zoom call. 

“And, if things go well, there may be another Zoom call, or if schedules are working out, then we might end up going for like a socially distance walk in the park.” 

And his advice for the rest of us? 

“Don’t treat it as the end-all, be-all. If you make a website like this. Treat it as an opportunity to meet people. And then, no matter what happens in the end, you’re going to be happy with the project.”